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The Adams

What a joy it was to witness and play a part in the wedding of my friends Camden and Amanda. If you don’t know Camden + Amanda, then you are definitely missing out. Find them and become friends with them. You won’t regret it. I promise.

I was super nervous for this shoot, but thanks to the encouraging and comforting words from Amanda and Camden, my nerves slowly began to fade away. These two put some serious trust in me, and the only thing I could think of was how much they would hate me if I screwed these photos up. (Praise the Lord for friends with gracious hearts that are willing to take a chance on me). Fast forward to the day of the awesome wedding. Everyone was super easy to work with. Started off around 7:30am with the guys, then came the ladies, then the wedding, then more photos with the families, then the pre-reception shoot with the newlyweds, then the reception, and then I crawled into my bed and started counting sheep. Multiple sheep. Okay, I probably made it to two sheep before I started to snore. Like the obnoxious snoring that echoes throughout the house. Yup that was me.

So it has been just about a month since these two tied the knot, but it seems like it was yesterday.  Below are a few photos from the big day. Check them out!