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Matt + Sarah Engagement

I am a huge fan of these two. I met Matt a couple of years ago at UNCC. Matt was one of the residents of the building that I worked in (as a RA..of course) at UNCC. I met him as a freshman and developed a friendship with him right from the start. This guy is super committed, super smart, and super in love with Sarah. Sarah is pretty awesome too.bFrom mybinteractions with her, I can tell that she has a huge heart. These two compliment each other pretty well. They go hand in hand. Like peanut butter and Jelly. Like ham and sandwich. I just laughed uncontrollably at that one. Sorry bout it.
Honored that I had the pleasure of capturing their engagement shoot. I am still in shock when people ask me to shoot for them. I think "you really want me to do this?" As long as people trust me to capture these moments, the longer I'll continue to do so.  Excited so see what the future holds for this couple. You two are going to do just great! Just remember that I call dibs on having you design my first house once you become the famous architect that you are going to be. 

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