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PAT PAT! PATTY! PAT PAT! My bro Patrick was one of my residents that stepped up and took my place into the RA life. I feel like I poured some special RA powers into this kid, because he is pretty baller. I also got the chance to live with this guy one summer. This kid can make a mean taco. Ask him about it! Patrick might be the only one who truly understands my deep love for Chipotle. (E.Coli and all). Patrick is also my mechanic! If I ever have car troubles or needs something replaced of fixed, my first thought goes to Patrick! Thanks to Patrick my car doesn’t make that clicking sound anymore. (Okay, actually it does, but we’re gonna fix that soon.) Thanks for your sincere friendship man. Proud of you with your first big boy apartment and starting grad school soon! Best of luck to you my friend. Below are a few shots from the shoot, check them out! 

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