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These kids. They make me proud. (I feel like a proud father when thinking about these two) I’ve known Andrew and Claire for quite some time now, lets say 4+ years. I met them when I was RA’ing at UNC Charlotte. Andrew was the first resident that hated me so much that he decided to change floors. I may or may not still be salty about this. I met Claire through Andrew, and I am so glad that I did. We all even started an acapella group together. It was short-lived, but it was a blast. Ask us to sing about 2 songs, and we got you! Our National Anthem was FIRE!! I could write an entire book about these two friends of mine, but I’m sure the only ones that would read it would be Andrew and Claire.  So, I think I’m gonna stop here. Just know that they make me proud! Below are a few shots from the shoot, check them out!

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